Springbank Rechar Sherry 19 year


BRAND: Springbank

CATEGORY: Bourbon, Whiskey

ABV: 58.6%



Buy Springbank Rechar Sherry 19 year Bourbon Whiskey

Last month was all about Springbank. At auction, this distillery has excelled and pushed its way to the top of the board. Macallan is still up their but seems to be slowing down at the moment, Brora is still strong as is Bowmore, and the rest of the table stays pretty much as it was.

Springbank is a relatively small distillery in comparison to many, and really only produces about as much as the Springbank fans can consume. This leaves collectors and speculators picking up Springbank at auction and keeping the prices rising. Releases of Springbank sell out extremely quickly, like the “local barley” expression for example, and are then traded for a lot more than the retail value at auction. Even after they are picked up at auction the prices will still steadily rise. Buy Springbank Rechar Sherry 19 year Bourbon Whiskey


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