Springbank 19yr Refill Sherry


BRAND: Springbank

CATEGORY: Scotch Whisky, Whiskey

ABV: 52.8%


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1996 Springbank 19 Year Old Single Refill Sherry #507 Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Springbank 19-Year-Old under review was distilled in May 1996 and bottled in July 2015. It was aged in a single-refill bourbon cask. This means that the cask had previously been used at least once to age single malt Scotch whisky after it had already been used in the United States to age bourbon.

American white oak is the wood of choice to age bourbon, and this helps to give Scotch whisky that is subsequently aged in the same reused wood a more mellow, soft, and caramel-oriented flavor than what results from European oak casks, which are more bitter. Since the cask used to age this Springbank 19-Year-Old  was refilled, then the influence should be somewhat more muted, thus allowing the distillery character to occupy the stage, front and center. Buy Springbank 19 year Refill Sherry Scotch Whisky.


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