Evan Williams Bourbon


BRAND: Evan Williams Whiskey

CATEGORY: Bourbon, Whiskey


ABV: 43%


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You may think you have run the gamut of American bourbons, but if you haven’t tried Evan Williams Black, you aren’t quite finished with your foray into one of America’s finest exports. Founded in 1783 on the banks of the Ohio River, Evan Williams is one of the oldest distilleries in the country and the first bourbon distillery in Kentucky. Because of its history and secret recipe, Evan Williams Black Label is the premier Kentucky bourbon to suit your tastes. As soon as you open a bottle of Evan Williams Black Label, you’re met with a rich aroma of vanilla and mint, but this is just the precursor. When it hits your lips, hints of oak, caramel and brown sugar greet you and linger through the satisfying finish. Although purists say the only way to drink bourbon is neat or on the rocks, Evan Williams Black Label lends itself to any number of lavish cocktails. Evan and cola is an all-American choice among cocktails, while an Evan and mineral water brightens the flavor without any harshness. If you’re into something that introduces more flavors, a classic mint julep or Manhattan transports you to the Kentucky Derby or the Big Apple, that is unless you already live in one of these cities. If not, experiment on your own with juices, sodas and mixers, and name it after your hometown. With any luck, a Des Moines Fury will catch on like wildfire. Evan Williams Black Label lets you show off your creativity behind the bar. Buy Evan Williams Bourbon Whisky.



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